"Speak True, Stand Firm" Women's Small Group Series
Two Meetings Forming
Fridays at 1pm or Saturdays at 11am
Beginning Friday, February 26 and Saturday February 27


Women who are desiring to journey with us through meaningful, caring, honest, and productive exploration and conversations are encouraged to register.

This series cannot answer questions such as “Is racism real? Or Active today?”  Or even “Am I racist?” It will challenge us to explore the racism we all possess for the purpose of spiritually embracing our black community as brothers and sisters of humanity.  In doing so, we will be revealing where each of us can use our unique voices and experiences to stand against racism and dehumanization wherever we are called to stand.

Our small group will meet once per month for fourth consecutive months to share our experiences in the past days, reflect on shifts, learn skills, explore, and open our minds and hearts more.

You may choose an option of one of two groups.  The first meets on Fridays at 1pm: Beginning February 26, continuing March 26, April 23, May 21.

The second group meets on Saturdays at 11am beginning  February 27th and continues March 27, April 24, May 22.  (We are correcting the error in the form below to say 11am.)

Commitment to the four monthly meetings is needed in order to register.  When registering choose either Friday or Saturday option.