Our Invitation:  Let’s be sure All Women are Safe, Strong and Super Powered.  Channel your energy, emotion and skill into creating active change right here in your community.  We invite you to feel how good it feels to make a difference right here in your local community for all Women and Girls, for all Men and boys as well.  Keeping All Women Safe Task Force serves as a prototype or template for all Women in all areas.  K.A.W.S. also stands for Keeping All Women Safe, Strong, and SuperPowered.  The task force is only as strong as is community involvement.  We need community to ask the question “What is my individual and community responsibility?”  

We invite your skills, networking connections, time and energy to continue increased awareness through public relations and social media, legislative change, grant writing, tax deductible donations and more.  Without community support and participation, there is no task force.  The need for K.A.W.S and our significant accomplishments in the very first months have been validated and our presence is valuable.  Join us in the ways that are most meaningful and needed to ensure the civil rights of safety, equality and empowerment to Women.  Together we create Balance. Together we create much needed change.

“We cannot trade the courage needed to live every moment for immunity from life’s sorrows. 

We may say we know this but ours is the culture of the deal-making mind. From infancy we have breathed in 
the belief that there is a deal to be made, a bargain to be struck. . . . if we do the right thing, if we are good enough, 
clever enough, sincere enough, work hard enough, we will be rewarded.. . . . The challenge is to journey into a deeper
intimacy with the world & our lives without any promise of safety or guarantee of reward beyond the intrinsic value 
of full participation.. . . .Life lived intimately may not be easier. But it is fuller, richer & more open to everything: the confusion 
& the insight, the excitement & the boredom, the shadow & the light.

And somehow, expanding our ability to simply 
be with it all does make what is hard easier to bear, allows us to give and receive more in each moment.” 

~ Oriah Mountain Dreamer, The Invitation