Ideas For Change

Keeping All Women Safe Task Force is a 501c3 Nonprofit Organization that a small group of concerned and influential citizens formed in order to inspire the Ashland community to ask the question:  What is my responsibility toward the safety of others?  And, what opportunities does this present to us?  Our intention is to inspire and ignite the city of Ashland to create a safe environment so that every Woman and Girl, inclusive of every one who identifies as such, can live free of harassment and violence in all forms.

This means that business leaders, parents, spouses, other organizations groups, social activists and all who value life in Ashland are responsible for and to one another, and makeup this task force.  Unlike some organizations who have a team of people who do it all for the rest of the population, K.A.W.S. is truly the Ashland community’s task force.  We completely function on monetary and energetic donations; no one is paid and most everyone associated with K.A.W.S. is either an entrepreneur or works full time.  

So the invitation rests in:
How can each of us send the message loud and clear that we have zero tolerance for harassment and violence against Women and Girls, that Ashland is a city where Women and Girls can be safe, equal and empowered?

In our daily lives we hear and see many examples of need for change.   In light of this, we have created this page to list ideas as they come to us and invite the Ashland community to be in contact and join forces to jump in and formulate these as their projects, engaging helpers as needed.  We offer these ideas with the understanding that they may become your own.  We also invite the Ashland community to add to these ideas and assign yourselves as the guardians and subtask force to accomplish them. 

Below is the beginning of that list.  Feel free to contact us for collaboration and communication.  Thank you for your contributions.  

1.  Emergency Blue Lights are installed in key spots of Southern Oregon University, SOU, Ashland.  We envision these blue lights installed in key places all over Ashland.  We have received feedback to our ongoing physical survey of Ashland about locations where Women feel unsafe for a variety of reasons, sometimes are followed by known people and cars, or are dark or difficult to walk freely.   We encourage an individual or group to follow through with this idea by contacting the City Planning Department and begin the process of approval.  We have discussed this with Chief O’Meara and city employee Linda Reid, both of whom feel this is a great idea.  This would benefit all who are in a vulnerable segment of our population including Women, children seniors, disabled, etc.  We are happy to fill you in on the next steps.

2.  The justice systems are still based on a patriarchal system of oppression.  Statistics show that sentencing is far more severe against Women in many different cases than for men, plea bargaining and predators released from jail and prison early due to space constraints.  There is workplace bias and discrimination, sexual harassment by those in power.  We propose a petition that requests a statewide task force be assigned to examine all systems that oppress Women and propose/institute changes in a timely and thorough way.  

3.  K.A.W.S. needs a grant writer to help fund culture changing projects, empowerment trainings, educational seminars and risk reduction tools, and part time wages for those who are bearing the greatest labor in time and energy. 

 4.  We are interviewing individuals to fill the vacancies on our Advisory Board of Treasurer and Secretary.  We also need administrative assistance and event management expertise.  

5.  We plan to add products to our Risk Reduction page.  

6.  Ongoing public relations and awareness raising with our citizens, local media and statewide is essential to growing the cause of K.A.W.S. 

 7.  Funding can be established through several areas such as Amazon Prime, store script, local business special allocations, facebook special posts, and more.  We would appreciate an individual who enjoys this form of creative outlet.