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Your Donations: Keeping All Women Safe Task Force has both short and long term goals for the donations we receive.  Please see below the valuable avenues through which your donations will help to keep Women safe.   

  • $10 offers a pocket siren to two Women.
  • $50+ goes to a fund to offer scholarships for our trauma sensitivity and empowerment trainings.
  • $75 helps produce our Deep Dialogue Events teaching Men to become powerful Allies to Women.
  • $100 enables us to hold more town hall meetings.
  • $200 contributes to hiring a Grant Writer.
  • $350 allows us to bring experts in culture change to produce our Two Day Panel and Workshop Event.
  • $500 will add to our travel fund to lobby for a statewide special task force to address violent crimes against Women.       
  • Several self-defense and empowerment workshops are on our agenda.
  • All funds go toward operating costs and contract payments in our volunteer run organization.
  • We aim to send the message of “No Tolerance for Violence” in the most effective ways.  
  • We are actively involved in meeting with key political officials to help create legislative changes to equalize the judicial processes and create a statewide special task form to address violent crimes against Women.  We intend to travel to Salem to lobby for a statewide special task form to address violent crimes against Women., as well as connect on a national level.